Where will you place the Stork rental?

Once we get to the rental location we will find the perfect spot to display the stork. 

If you have a preference on where to put the stork, please let us know.

How far in advance should I order? 

Derby City Storks and more receive orders online 24/7 and we can deliver within 24-48 hours; subject to availability. 

We are happy to take pre-orders and reserve your sign-  given you have a delivery date set and know when you would like the Stork to be delivered.

Please notify us if the date changes- and we are happy to accommodate, subject to availability.   

Can I reserve the sign before the baby is born?     

Yes!  Go ahead and order the baby sign online through the website using the expected delivery date of the sign- noting this is an estimate.

Once the baby is born- please contact us via email or phone when the baby arrives with all the details you would like included on the sign and we can set up delivery. 

Does anyone need to be home when the Stork is delivered?

No, it is not necessary for someone to be home when the Stork sign is delivered or picked up.  If a gate code is required please provide that information while ordering.

We will leave any personalized items at the front door when we return to pick up the sign.

Can the owners move or mow around the sign?

Please do not move or remove the yard sign, as damage can occur.  If the stork needs to be moved- please give us a call โ€“ at 502-777-2042.

Please do not mow or weed around the stork- as they can be damaged.    

What if the sign is damaged?

If you notice any damage to the sign, please notify Derby City Storks and more immediately.

Our signs are durable, weather resistant, and designed to last.   We are not responsible or liable for any injury involving the sign while it is being rented. By ordering a sign, the individual accepts responsibility for the sign while itโ€™s on their or their loved ones’ property.

We truly appreciate your consideration and cooperation. 

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